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A water-based liquid eyeliner that reflects the light, and illuminates the eyes with a single, graphic and deep black sweep. Designed in the iconic pack of Giorgio Armani liner, the pack provides a precise application
Create highly-defined eye makeup looks with a make-up artist’s precision, with Eyes To Kill Lacquered Liquid Eyeliner, which boasts a slick, vinyl shine. The water-based eyeliner formulation reflects the light, illuminating the eyes with a single, graphic sweep. In a shade of deep black, Eyes To Kill Lacquered Eyeliner enhances the eyes with a sleek sophistication. Let your eyes steal the scene with an easy to apply eyeliner that's equally simple to remove, coming away with a little of lukewarm water.

What it does:
Eyes to Kill Lacquered Eyeligner creates highly-defined eyes with a make-up artist’s precision, with a shiny finish.
• LONG LASTING. UP TO 20H: High level of Latex for long lasting properties, shiny effect and comfort
• SMOOTH & PRECISE APPLICATION: High level of well-dispersed Carbon Black for intense black and even finish
• LUMINOUS FINISH: Water-based formula that reflects the light