Fusion Mesotherapy | PPC+ BODY CREAM

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Formulated with PPC, L-cartinine and caffeine as used in aesthetic medicine to reduce fat deposits and cellulite. A fresh and unique texture with ultra-soft skin finish. This is a melting micro-emulsion. Cellulite involves changes in the dermis and subcutaneous tissue caused by the irregular proliferation of fat cells, the so-called adipocytes. Cellulite is associated with lifestyle, diet and the use of different types of pharmaceutics. Nowadays injected PPC is an effective treatment to reduce cellulite and fat deposits but it involves important discomfort and potential side effects. We created is a perfect alternative by creating a transdermal PPC encapsulated in vesicles of approx. 100 nm in diameter, three synergistically acting active ingredients are contained – L-carnitine, caffeine and sodium deoxycholate. These substances were selected in such a way as to most effectively reduce fat tissue, at the same time improving skin elasticity and firmness at the site of application, which have been proved in many studies.

Scent: Mandarin essential oil.

Product texture: Touch and feel are important factors when buying beauty and personal care products. We attach great importance to the texture and comfort of a formulation, focusing on how it feels, and making a link between sensoriality and functionality. Our body cream has unexpected sensoriality, bright, creamy and rich appearance, evanescent feel (light & thin) and the scent is 100% natural and based on mandarin essential oil.
The emulsion offers ultra-soft touch and easy spreadability on the skin which is important for a body product. These characteristics can be attributed to the very fine and homogeneous dispersion of the oil droplets. The emulsion is homogeneous, with an average droplet size in the range of one micron. Yet the feel is light and cool, offering a melting sensation when the product is applied onto the skin, the film residue is fine but noticeable, non-greasy and non-tacky.


Apply morning and night on the target area during 4 to 6 weeks.

  • Transdermal PPC.
  • L-carnitine.
  • Caffeine.

6.76oz / 300ml