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Discover luxury molecular fragrances that are also good for you, your skin, and the environment; clean, moisturizing, and green.

AMBERBEE, sweet, sunny, velvety 
VERTICALOUD, powerful, sunny, deep
VANINIGHT, sweet, warm, velvety 

ROSEFIRE, fresh, pink and petally 
MULTILOTUS, watery, soft, precious
ETERNIRIS, powdery, deep, petally

JADE888, soft, pure, precious
SPICEAIR, fresh, clean, spicy
GREENLION, powerful, wide, sparkling

PATCHOULIGHT, luminous, powerful, wide
CEDARISE, luminous, soft, precious
DARKOUD, spicy, sheer, velvety
SANDALSUN, bright, sunny, deep

SOURCE1, sparkling, fresh and sunny