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Amber Fort Elixir Oud


Vivid like the Amber Fort palace of India, this glowing oil with Indian pink lotus instantly brightens and energizes the complexion. Oud resin with roselle hibiscus and frangipani flowers fade discolorations, inhibit dark spots, and smooth the look of lines and wrinkles. After one day, skin tone looks 87% healthier*. With use, the skin appears more unified, 90% smoother***, and 32% more luminous**. 

Smooth, silky finish.

* Instrumental evaluation of tonicity after 24 hours
**Ex vivo evaluation after 3 days
***Clinical evaluation of 48 volunteers after 2 weeks


  • Thai Oud resin protects skin from toxicity, repairs DNA damage, and regenerates healthy skin cells.

  • Indian Pink Lotus flower, handpicked on the 3rd day of harvest when the highest amount of nutrients are present, brightens and energizes skin tone with natural alpha hydroxy acid (AHA).

  • Indian Babchi seed contains a high does of Bakuchiol, which significantly reduces skin roughness & dryness; fine lines & wrinkles, and improves skin tone, elasticity & firmness; radiance and brightness.

  • Tunisian Roselle Hibiscus, a.k.a ‘The Botox Plant’, contain natural AHA and skin-plumping nutrients that firm and smooth skin; as well as fade dark spots & evens skin tone.

  • Indian Pink Champaca flower relaxes tension to soften fine lines and wrinkles.

  • German Seabuckthorn Berry provides a high dose of natural Vitamin C via a unique CO2 extraction method from the fruit only.

  • Thai Frangipani flower and Indian Ginger Lily oxygenates and improves circulation to eliminate toxins; warms skin’s surface for a healthy glow.

30ml / 1.0oz