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For Co-washing, Cleansing Conditioning Cream Shampoo 

We’re switching things up, but just a lil’ bit! By now, you most likely know and love our hydrating shampoo. Not to split hairs (pun very much intended), but technically this product is actually a co-wash. What does that mean?

co-wash / ˌkōˈwȯsh
1  a cream-based cleanser for hair
2  removes product build-up without stripping natural oils
3  the best of both worlds

We decided to change the name from “shampoo” to “cleansing conditioner”, but we’re leaving the formula exactly the same. Why mess with a good thing? 

This hydrating cream formula was designed specifically to add moisture to dry, frizzy hair through bioactive plant actives and plant energetics. Our Strengthen & Restore Shampoo does just what it says: it strengthens and restores your scalp and hair to a beautiful balance with a lightweight cream formula that keeps your hair vibrant and sumptuously soft. 

This cream shampoo is a co-wash, also known as “conditioner-only washing.” This is meant to help skip the shampoo and focus on the conditioner. MO MI’s cleansing conditioner is cleanses your hair with fine lather, soft hydrating suds that leaves your hair feeling somewhere between super clean and second-day hair with smoother, softer, and easier-to-manage strands, especially if you've got a head of curls, coils, waves, color and or processed hair.

  • Especially good for curly hair types 2c to 4c
  • For finer hair, types 1 & 2b requires less product

    Our Strengthen & Restore Shampoo harnesses the power of MO MI Beauty’s careful formulation that synergizes an antioxidant-rich blend of herbs and adaptogens that have been used for centuries in Asian and Ayurvedic traditions.

      The Shampoo Ritual:

      • Apply a desired amount to wet palms 
      • Fully wet hair with water which will help loosen any dirt or debris. 
      • Evenly distribute Cleansing Conditioner evenly throughout hair and gently work into strands - think cleansing.
      • Bring palms together and gently massage into a lather
      • Lather and Rinse thoroughly
      • For best results, follow with MO MI Beauty’s Strengthen & Restore Conditioner

      240 ml | 8 oz