Serge Lutens | LOUVE

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An iconic creature since the mists of time, here the she-wolf retains her mystery, tainted with an almond bitterness. A singular, white enigma, a solitary figure at the top of her snow castle

The newest Lutens creation, Louve, is the softest, gentlest, perhaps the most lovable of the entire line. It is a lunar scent, quiet and tranquil…tender like baby's breath, soft like the white fur of a mythical She-Wolf…The almond and rose petals accord, the center of the composition, is bound to satisfy the cravings of those who love loukhoum-inspired scents. Those who tend to avoid gourmand compositions because of their overwhelming sweetness, should, however, give Louve a serious try. This understated, only subtly sweet, sublimely elegant blend will change your mind. The slight powderiness of vanilla and amber, combined with the floral heart, gives Louve an enchantingly retro feel, making us think of expensive lipsticks of the days past, of the finest of face powders and of utter refinement. Chic and delicious…what more could you want from a fragrance!

Louve Fragrance Notes

Almond, rose petals, fruity notes, jasmine petals, amber, musk and vanilla powder.