Chabaud | VERT D'EAU

Chabaud | VERT D'EAU

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Citrus and woods

 “Vert d‘Eau“ is dedicated to the popular green tones of the fragrance universe that, like the colors themselves, are reminiscent of the resurrection of nature in spring and the power of new love. It lends with its balanced harmony a tangentially masculine touch - green, sparkling and highly cultured

"Vert d'eau" commences with tart-sour lemon peel and tangerine that take us to the magical places of the Mediterranean, accented by gossamer-like nuances of fruity peach. Fig leaves donate their lush greenery that blends so well with the lemon peel. The whlte blossoms remain in the background and the base provides a discreet yet effective and well-tempered finale for continuous fragrance enjoyment.


Lemon Peel, Tangerine, Peach


Fig Leaves, White Flowers


White Musk, Cedarwood

Spray 3.4oz / 100ml