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The mystery of alchemy is revealed. Feel the power of the philosopher’s stone.

With gold, platinum, rhodium, indium.. and Diamond Quartz, forming the Holy Grail of alchemy salts. Open your mind and heart. Experience the multidimensional qualities of perfume. All matter is living. Cuarzo The Circle

is an exquisite combination

of the world’s finest natural materials, all of which impregnate each other, happily united. This perfume brings you fragrant molecules and imprints of energy due to the contact with those other living beings: Diamond Quartz, the wisdom of alchemists “The Philosopher’s Stone”… and the wave shape generated by the bottle and the packaging.


Coriander · Ceylan cardamom · Nutmeg · Geranium leaves · Mandarin peel · Blooming lavander · Pink pepper

Incense · Oud · Australian Sandalwood · Amber · Vetiver· Violet · Magnolia · Rose oil Turkish and absolute · Egypt oil · Peach, Myrhr oil

Musks · benzoin balsam · Cedarwood · Sandalwood

2.6oz / 75ml