Eight & Bob | ANNICKE 3

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ANNICKE 3 is refined, elegant and very feminine.

Spicy floral notes of Bergamot are reminiscent of the decadence of the early 1920’s. The room smells of wood and amber as notes of Cashmeran accentuate the warmth of the room.

Notes of White Rose emit an air of vintage femininity while exotic notes of Jasmine intoxicate men on the dance floor. From the dessert table, subtle hints of tangy Red Berries drizzled over sweet creamy Meringue captivate the senses. A wave of glamour and sophistication that leaves behind an enchanting trace.

TOP NOTES  Bergamot - Mandarin - Red Berries 
  Gardenia - Jasmine - White Rose 
BASE NOTES  Meringue - Cashmeran - Sandalwood 

Eau de Parfum 3.4oz