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This new design is inspired by the famous Italian architect, Andrea Palladio, widely considered to be the most influential individual in the history of architecture. The "Architettura" scented candles feature "Otto", the signature scent of the Fornasetti Profumi collection. The scent is sophisticated and unique; transcending time, season, gender, and borders. Created by master perfumer Olivier Polge it makes use of ingredients that are of personal significance to Barnaba Fornasetti - Mediterranean herbs that were found in and around the family home, woods often utilized in interior designs or pieces of furniture created by Fornasetti. Other more ethereal ingredients - such as incense - conjure a spirituality or sense of dreamscape that is often present in Fornasetti graphic poetry.
  • Made in Italy


  • Comes in presentation box
  • Material: 50% ceramics, 50% wax
  • Burn time: 240 hours
  • Measurement: 17 cm - 6,7 inches Height, 14 cm - 5.5 inches Diameter, 1.9kg / 4.2lb / 67oz. Weight


  • TOP NOTES: Thyme, Lavender
  • HEART NOTES: Orris, Cedarwood
  • BASE NOTES: Tolu Balsam, Incense, Birch/Styrax, Labdanum