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Belonging to the Graines Vagabondes collection, with its botanical, aromatic and vibrant accents, here is Ilha Do Mel. An olfactory memory from Brazil and the "island of honey". With its juniper essence, jasmine absolute and gardenia accord, Ilha do Mel suggests a sweet floral scent, as precious as a dream. Essence of Juniper, Jasmine Absolute, Gardenia

Memory / Inspiration 

An island takes shape, at the mercy of the sovereign sea. Tangerine Essence. Secret landscapes, dunes, terraces. Broom Flower Absolute. Well sheltered under the pink lid and hyacinth of the Encantadas caves, a reason lost in the Camoes labyrinth. Gardenia accord. Musk fever, the palms cradle a wild smile. Jasmine absolute. A moon of juniper and vanilla intertwined, bubbling waters of joy, swirling with vetiver, rays of honey soften the jasmine awakening. Ilha do Mel, dreamscape of living memories, desire and abandonment.