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Inlé slips into the Les Échappées collection, inspired by exceptional places and secret stops. A fragrance that reflects the tranquility of the Inlé's Burmese lake. With its jasmine, mate and osmanthus absolutes, this floral fragrance offers a trail of floating gardens and orchards from Asia. Jasmine Absolute, Mate Absolute, Osmanthus Absolute

Memory / Inspiration

Time stands still over Inlé lake in Burma. Jasmine Absolute. Palace-like vessels. Bergamot Essence. Floating gardens and orchards, caskets of plants and vegetation, treasures of scents and flavours. Osmanthus Absolute. The first light of day and the first sounds of a celebration, a farewell to the night or a welcome to the dawn. Mint Essence. A shimmering lake, the golden sky. Mate Absolute. Wandering clouds, radiant lights. Inlé.