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Irish Leather is part of the Cuirs Nomades collection, which explores the notes of leather in emblematic destinations. Like a nod to the Irish origins of Memo Paris' co-founder, this fragrance blends his leather accord with the wintry freshness of juniper berries and green maté absolute. Juniper berry, Green mate absolute, Oud Accord

Memory / Inspiration 

One of those rough, cold mornings. Pink pepper. The sun peeks through the heavy grey clouds. Clary Sage Essence. The wind wraps itself around your clothes. Juniper berry. Morning dew soaks the grass. At last the stable, the wooden tack room doors, the burning scent of leather, wood, amber and honey. A thousand-year-old scent. Green mate absolute. The sweet neigh of the horse. Fleuve Essence. The scent of freedom. Leather meets the wind, grass warms up with wood. Tonka bean absolute. Irish Leather gallops towards the horizon.