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In the Graines Vagabondes collection, with its botanical, aromatic and vibrant accents, Kedu embodies the olfactory memory of the Indonesian plains, bordered by mountains and volcanoes. Grapefruit essence, sesame absolute and white musk offer an invigorating composition of fruity grains. Essence of Grapefruit, Sesame Absolute, White Musk


The Garden of Java, a plain bordered by a centuries-year-old volcano. Grapefruit Essence. Glossy green palm trees, one-horned rhinoceroses, giant flowers in changing colours, prehistoric buffaloes, and bent-backed pilgrims. Mate Absolute. The temple of Borobudur, shrouded in mist, rises up like a lotus blossom. White musk. Its flaming domes, the vital force of sesame seeds, a release from the yoke of passion. Rose-peony accord. Kedu, enchantment, dizziness, passion.