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With Ocean Leather, Memo decides to leave the mainland for a major destination, an infinitely blue one, the ocean, and sets off in search of a majestic cetacean, a mythical animal that has inspired literature and now the imagination of a perfume. An oceanic freshness brought by mandarin oil and elemi essence meets the depths of leather, vetiver and cedar accord essences. Essence of Mandarin, Clary Sage Absolute, Leather Accord

Memory / Inspiration

In the heart of the ocean, an animal presence, electric. The water comes alive with movement, the air is charged with a unique fragrance. A sudden burst of water vapor, a splash of Mandarin oil, Violet, Basil essence. It is first of all an appearance. It reveals itself, with its velvety and shiny Elemi fruit colour, made shimmering by millions of water droplets. A sperm whale that carries the story of the deep sea within it, travels from ship to ship, on the decks smelling of Cedar oil, in the strength of the hands and the eyes of the sailors. In its wake, the freshness of the citrus fruit first welcomes nuances of Sage absolute, Nutmeg and Vetiver essence. It becomes powerful, imposing like a ship, a battleship. Its own armour, its leather protects and distinguishes it. It is his strength and contains his secret. And the Captain shares it.