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Russian Leather belongs to the Cuirs Nomades Collection. Rosemary essence combined with fern and leather accords creates a fresh, frosty fragrance with intense green notes, evoking the Siberian winter, amidst plants stirred by the passage of a wolf. Accord Fern, Rosemary Essence, Leather Accord


Fern, frost, the call of the forest, lavender, echo, the great herds of reindeer, basil, without compass, pine needles, guided by the song of the thrush, running, at the foot of a carpet of rosemary, lying in wait, clary sage, minus 48 degrees, courage, mint, ardor ... A caravan suddenly looms on the distant horizon, tonka bean, without a sound, patchouli, sea of blue snow, palace of ice, tall cedars, enchantment, hand on the knife, lichen, always ready to fight, the leather of wolves, proud, the Siberian smile on his lips.