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Like a reminiscence of childhood with its marshmallow note brought by Orange Blossom Absolute, Petitgrain, Vanilla Absolute from Madagascar. Both soft and airy, thanks to the presence of musks, this is a very round Floriental, with floral and fruity sweetness. Gourmet all in lightness, resolutely addictive. 

Memory / Inspiration

Around the corner from a palace, an unexpected rain forest. The heart of an absolute orange. The lace of an azulejo, the spiral of a hidden staircase, petitgrain after petitgrain after petitgrain... Welcoming visions everywhere. The glow of an absolute vanilla. A fountain whispers, a turret smiles, a garden greets you with its hands. A castle does a peacock wheel . A soft and colorful walk, a pause soon and the surprise of a sweet marshmallow confectionery. The present of childhood. Musks. Getting lost.


Orange Blossom Neroli Absolute, Madagascar Vanilla, Marshmallow Musks