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Part of the Art Land collection, Memo Paris's Tiger's Nest eau de parfum emerges from the sacred mountain of Bhutan. Nestled between the forest and impenetrable clouds, a tiger's den overlooks the valley's abyss. Dazzling. Absinthe Essence, Amber, Absolute of Incense

Memory / Inspiration 

Fire and flame, in the forests of the night. Saffron. Smoldering eyes, tears of heaven. Absinthe. Vertical, Taktshang rises. Osmanthus. Sacred mountain, forbidden to ascend. Amber. Between valleys low and mountains high, the song of the wind on the cliffs. Incense. Winged path, dark rocks, cave hidden from view. Vanilla. Seven blazing shadows, the lair of a tiger. Pink. With a velvety movement, I stretch, sneak in and out. Ylang Ylang. Nothing will stop my silent march. Papyrus. Foolish abyss, erected legend, Tiger's Nest is the roof of my world.