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All hair types
  • Formulated with green and rose clays combined with coconut powder to instantly absorb excess oil
  • Adds instant thickness and volume to your hair, thanks to corn starch
  • Has a light pink color that blends in with all hair colors
  • Boosted with a flower + gem essence blend created by Lotuswei exclusively for MO MI
  • Uplifting floral scent is composed of lavender, rose, chamomile, and neroli

DIRECTIONS: Twist nozzle slightly to open. Separate hair into sections. Sprinkle directly onto scalp, or onto a hairbrush and then comb through scalp. Massage with fingertips to work the powder into roots of hair and beyond. Use as much product as needed to achieve desired effect. Finish by smoothing hair with hair brush or hands, and style as desired.

3.3oz / 100ml