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We know you’re going to love this leave-in because:

  • It gently detangles hair
  •  It hydrates and conditions your locks at the same time
  •  It will impart a nourishing protective coating
  • The end result is smooth, silky strands

This leave-in is designed for all hair types:

  • A little more product can be used for those with curly hair types 2C-4C.
  • Fine hair types 1 and 2B, needs less product

Scent:  naturally, unscented

No added scent or essential oils to this one! If you can detect anything it is from the natural botanical infusion of cucumber water and lavender oil infusion. 


  • Apply desired amount and style
  • For finer hair types, apply conditioner from mid-shafts down

3.3oz / 100 ml