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Our silicone-free, oil-based hair serum is luxuriously rich and incredibly smooth.

  1. It delivers the sensory performance of silicone, but without drying out your strands.
  2. It does double duty as a daily nourishing treatment after washing your hair, or as a more intensive treatment for dry or damaged hair. 

Bonus: Try a little on your nails and cuticles for ultra hydration. It helps to strengthen and restore weak nails and ragged edges around cuticles.

Directions for Use
Depending on your hair type and needs, the serum can be used multiple ways:

Daily Care: 
We recommend using a small amount on a regular basis to nourish and protect the ends of your hair.

  • Wash hair
  • Gently towel dry hair
  • Pump a small amount of product into palms (*A little goes a long way…)
  • For added smoothness and protection, the serum can be applied on tips to ends to help prevent split ends and heat from styling tools

Bonus application: Try a little on your nails and cuticles for ultra hydration. It helps to strengthen and restore ragged edges. around cuticles.

Deep hydration hair mask: For dry hair and also for curls
If your strands are parched, the oil based serum can be used as a deep hydrating treatment.

  • Pre-wash hair
  • Gently towel dry hair
  • Massage a small amount of product onto your hair and/or scalp, and leave it on for 10 minutes
  • Cleanse out with your shampoo or co-wash

The scent is composed of a blend of organic essential oils:

  • Neroli: Calming & relaxing
  • Sweet basil: Clarity & repose
  • Hinoki: Protective & restorative

3.3oz / 100ml