Serge Lutons | L'EAU D'ARMOISE

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Renowned for its many medicinal properties, mugwort, together with its medieval imagination, takes us deep into the heart of its powerful, aromatic scent.

L'eau d'Armoise is part of the revamped L'eau line; they are calling them Eaux de Politesse which roughly translates to mean it will as a courtesy (to others) be inoffensive. In the case of L'eau d'Armoise, I'd say that's quite accurate. It's not loud and settles quite evenly. It starts off very green, herbal and bitter. At first it had qualities of the smell of celery soda (Cel-ray) but that fades pretty quickly into a dry, herbal/hay-like scent. The immortelle gives the impression of toasted crumbs as it settles in, and deep glow gives off a touch of anise. It's pretty, ephemeral and pleasant. 


  • Mugwort
  • Bergamot
  • Immortelle flowers
  • Olfactory impression