Surfer Girl Hawaii | FAUX FILTER POWDER

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Waterproof Faux Filter.  All day coverage so you can look amazing and always be camera ready.

  • Controls oil and is light as air. 
  • Erases pores and matches the natural texture.
  • Special formula to provide smudge-proof, long lasting and waterproof coverage.

Don't you wish that you could put a TikTok filter on your skin?

Well you have found just that and it is ready for real life use!

Faux Filter is incredibly soft and silky, is finely milled and glides on smoothly with minimal effort required. It gives your skin a soft glow without any unwanted oily-looking shine.

Faux Filter gives your face the effect of a photo filter in real time.


Apply with a brush for lighter coverage or the included applicator for heavier more concentrated coverage. Swirl it onto the powder then apply to the face using circular motions starting in the center of the face (to absorb shine) and working your way out until blended. 

    21ml / 0.71oz