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Satin Radiance Universal  Warming Tint

The benefits of the beehive bring you perfect color in an unbeatable universal warm tint that captures light in an impeccable satin finish. For a satiny and nutritious perfecting treatment, this liquid foundation majestically cultivates active ingredients borrowed from beehives: hydrating honey, cleansing propolis and regenerative royal jelly. It is a satiny veil of color and light based on the magic of soft focus pigments that provide unique radiance for a naturally flawless second-skin effect.

The texture is easy to use, providing color that blends in with the skin like a biomimetic veil that gently caresses and never suffocates. 

Essence of Bees complex: honey, propolis and royal jelly combine to nourish, repair and soothe skin.
Liposome DNA: intensely hydrates.
Liposome RNA: stimulates healing.
Soft focus pigments: blur fine lines.