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Introducing Mo MI Hair Care Essentials  
MO MI Hair Care Essentials

We know how good it feels when our hair looks and feels great, that is why MO MI came up with just the essentials that make hair care and styling simple and effective.

Each product is part of our capsule collection, that makes your hair look and feel amazing.  All ingredients are thoughtfully sourced plant and adaptogens that have been used for centuries from around the world to enrich and nourish healthy hair. The ultimate goal - just the essentials that truly work for you.

MO MI came to life when Founder, Diane wanted personal care products that she felt confident knowing are easy to use, kind to animals, crafted with time honored botanicals and adaptogens.

Her goal was to create a core hair care collection that is easy and uncomplicated with only the essentials to create elegant every day rituals.


We will be diving deeper into depth with the entire line soon, but full descriptions are listed on each product. Check out the range below. 





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